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A dram for every person

This is not just a statement! On the contrary, it is a statement that brings water to one's mouth. Because what could be more beautiful in this day and age than to enjoy a purely natural product, WHISKY, in a quiet atmosphere of luxury and companionship.
To enjoy a sparkling glass of history, alone or in the company of good friends.
To travel to the origin of whisky is of course magnificent, but not really necessary. Because what could be better than to find the best selection of more than 1400 different types of whisky in the Netherlands at Whiskyslijterij De Koning in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Since 1965, this has been the best whisky store in the Netherlands.
Stan de Koning was as well known to dutch whisky lovers in 1996 as for example Willem Ham, the whisky bar in Texel.
Born in Ouderkerk a/d Amstel, Stan has been developing a whisky paradise in the city center of 's-Hertogenbosch. But before he reached the age of 65, a freak called Rob came by with serious plans for something completely different. By the end of 1996, Stan was pensioned off and the current owner Rob Stevens took over the business. Robs carreer is the very opposite of that of his predecessor. The only similarities between them are the love of whisky of course, and that they both ventured into the south of the country to sell whisky.
After working in the IT sector for over 23 years, Rob decided to dedicate himself flully to his passionate hobby. After having been a bourbon drinker originally, his first pay checks bought him his first Scottish Single Malt Glenfiddich. But after a Balvenie, things never returned to the way they were. The passion for Scottish Single Malt whiskys has since then only been developed and deepened. Since October 1996, business has been booming in the whisky store. The impressive selection of 500 different kinds of whisky has tripled in three years!

The store had to be able to meet Robs motto: "a dram for every person". This enormous whisky selection by itself may be impressive, the wide range of whisky ceramics and gifts is wondrous. Besides many books on whisky and glass work, there are many whisky goodies.
The whisky store has a very Scottish atmosphere. The entire place has been decorated with the tartan of Clan Robertson. A seat of original Scottish whisky barrels has been set up for the visitors. In one of the warehouses, the King's Tasting Room has been flurnished after the example of a traditional Scottish Blender Room. There is an attractive little room with dark brown woodwork and beautiflul goodies for whisky nosings and tastings. Whiskyslijterij de Koning is the whisky provider in a world full of whisky!

So, a dram for every person is more than just a statement!

(We would like to thank the interpreter, Fredy Kaufmann, who was willing to translate this story in proper English)

Whiskyslijterij de Koning
Whiskyslijterij de Koning
Whiskyslijterij de Koning
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